Shopping is the favourite activity of ladies; hey love to buy the items they love the most! With the advancement of technology it is now possible to shop just by sitting at home through internet. The most striking feature is the online websites will accept debit cards, credit cards and even prepaid cards. So you don’t have to worry regarding where to use the prepaid cards. You can buy the prepaid cards from anywhere be it retail shop, pharmacy, bank or even online. One thing you must ensure is the source of the purchase; it should be authentic and genuine. To enjoy uninterrupted shopping there has to be enough balance left in your card hence you can readily check the vanilla visa gift card balance online and even through mobile phone.

Gift card

Many people use the gift cards to make their family and friends special on the occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This option will definitely save your energy and time of searching the perfect gift for them. What you need to do is just fund the card with the desired balance and give them with instruction on how to use. You can also print their names on the card to customize it. The recipient can use the card as they like, and can get number of benefits and rewards with the vanilla cards.

Whether you give it as a gift or use it for personal use, make it a point to maintain minimum balance in your vanilla card. There will be situations where he card can be declined like insufficient balance and that might look quite embarrassing. To avoid this, you can keep a rack on the purchasing you do with the visa card.

The easiest way to know the money left in the card is by checking the message after making purchase as you will get a message of amount left in the card after every transaction. You can also visit the official website and know the money by entering the card number and viewing the statement. The least common way is by contacting the customer representative by dialling the toll free number present at the back of your card.

When it comes to using the card, rest assured that this card can be used everywhere and the same way like any debit or credit card does except that it doesn’t have any interest charges like credit cards do. Be it shopping of accessories, dining out with friends, holiday vacation, refilling gas and petrol, paying bills etc this card is easily used for all the mentioned purposes. But for all this you have to have money in your card, and need a regular check on vanilla visa gift card balance.

These cards are safe and secure to use, and can be a perfect way to manage your budget as they are non reloadable. This means you cannot add money once the money is exhausted in the card.