If you’re a practical type of person, maybe for you playing cash games to make money is a good choice, however, it is also possible for you to win bigger prizes by playing in an online poker tournament.

Deciding whether you’ll go play with cash games or poker tournament will depend on your poker skills whether you’ll succeed or fail in the future gaming session. This article is written for you to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of playing cash games and poker tournaments. Today, after reading this article up to the very last sentence will help you realize what type of poker online terbaik Indonesia game will suit you the best.

poker online Indonesia Terbaik

Know First the Basic of These Two Games

Before getting on the advantages and disadvantages of these two type of poker game, below are the basic elements of these two:

Basic Elements of Online Poker Cash Games

  • You may join and leave the game whenever you want
  • You may buy chips whenever you want
  • Blind levels in online cash games are fixed

Basic Elements of Online Poker Tournament

  • Wait for the registration schedule and play until you lose all your chips
  • Rebuys are not allowed except for rebuy tournaments
  • Blind levels on online poker tournament are set by intervals

Advantages of Online Poker Cash Games

One of the best advantages of online poker games is you can quit whenever you want to, you’re allowed to look for another poker table. Moreover, multi-tabling online poker cash games are also popular for players, because they can simply leave the game without losing any session equity.

Playing with cash games, you’ll have the chance to build up the value of your bankroll slowly. Though the winning prize is not that high, nevertheless, you can easily win a couple of bucks without spending too much.

In fact, online poker cash games have consistent and deep-stacked structures compared to an online poker tournament. So if you’re a practical person and don’t want to take a higher risk of losing, then, online cash games will suit you the best.

Advantages of Online Poker Tournament

An online poker tournament is a large playing field for those players who have intermediate and advance poker skills. Playing in this kind of poker game could win you thousands and even hundred thousands of dollar per match.  

In an online poker tournament, you may risk joining the tournament with $10 and can win up to $30,000 at the final poker table up to 24 hours. If you want to try this online poker tournament and try your luck, just visit your online casino platform and go with the game menu, look for MTTs (multi-table tournaments).

Aside from the bigger prizes a player can get, when the player got first place in any MTTs, it can be a way to level up his or her poker career.  In addition, the online poker tournament is not the type of poker game where the whole game flow is monotonous, so you’ll never get bored and feel tedious during the game.

Online poker cash games or online poker tournament? Well, it’s up to you! Your decision, your choice, besides, at the end of the day, it’s still you and your money.