A Great White Shark tries to attack a young Orca but pays the ultimate price

'No Greater Fury'


16" diam.


This work is derived from a witnessed attack by a female Orca on a Great White Shark off the California coast in 1997, as follows:

"An underwater battle captured on videotape proves that Orcas are the kings of the sea. Marine biologists had assumed that the ocean's two big predators tended to avoid each other but a videotape, shot by wildlife enthusiasts on a cruise sponsored by the Oceanic Society, shows otherwise. They were alerted by a radio transmission from a fisherman who had spotted two Orcas in the area. The expedition found the two killer whales -- a 20-foot-long female and a youngster about half her length -- were still there, swimming idly about but then they noticed a dark shape moving in the water, giving the Orcas a wide berth. The female Orca veered toward the dark shape, then surged to the surface with a 10-foot-long Great White Shark in her jaws after which it swam away from the boat and began thrashing the shark on the surface of the water, a practice Orcas typically employ with their prey. Having made her kill, the victorious Orca let her maternal instinct take over. Although she killed the shark, she didn't eat it but left it for the calf, which especially liked the liver."




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